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Desert Stories

When you race in Baja, you experience something that is hard to explain, and that only the crazy few who have raced with you truly understand.  The same can be said about the job of a school principal, the only one in charge of a large inner city school.  The dichotomoy of working in an intellectual world as a school administrator, while living it up as an off-road racer on the weekends, made the experiences even more difficult for Jessica to describe, as people in her two worlds couldn't be further apart.  Yet each world offered an adventure worth experiencing and retelling.  In the pages that follow, you will see an attempt to find words that adequately paint the picture and explore the meaning of these experiences.  Whether they are told out on the school yard or within the dust clouds produced by off road competitors, all of the stories captured here have one important thing in common; they all reflect on the courage needed to face the emotional and physical challenges presented in the tasks at hand.
Against All Odds
2006 Baja 1000
2007 Baja 1000